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Arkansas Photographer Barefoot Mama Studio in Little Rock Camera

Hey Mama,

I'm Abbie, the barefoot mama photographer! Why barefoot? Although I was born in Arkansas by the young age of 3 my family and I moved overseas and we didn't venture back into Arkansas until I was 16 years old. Grounding was a huge piece of the culture and practices that I was raised around. Though a 'barefoot and pregnant' Arkansas Woman isn't the easiest hat to sit under it is the most authentic version of me, thus I wear it quite proudly.

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A Letter from the Photographer

Abbie and her husband, Jeremy. Abbie's X Husband and his Wife. Their two shared sons, Jeremy and Abbie's two sons and Brad and Sam's Son as well as sweet baby sister nestled in Sam's belly. The coparenting team. Abbie's Tribe

Beautiful Clients (Past, Present and Future),

            In a world that passes us by so quickly I have found that all we have of the past is our stories. And when the details of our stories fail us all we have is our photos. Make them plenty for a memory like mine, I will need them!


   I am Abbie. Born in Little Rock then moved overseas (to the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Thailand then Taiwan) from the age of 3 years old to age 16. Those years shaped me into the Barefoot Mama I am today. At age 12, living in Thailand I enrolled in a photography film class. After learning how to build a camera out of a box, some tape and some light sensitive paper then how to develop film in a dark room I was hooked. More than 20 years later here I am still camera in hand chasing my every inspiration first as Peace Love Photography and just recently revamped into Portraits by Barefoot Mama. 

           I am a Mama of four sons. I have shaped this company into serving my fellow Mama's or Mama's to be by helping them capture all the tiny moments in the creation of their families. I know all too well how stressful it can be with a new little one and siblings to go anywhere let alone somewhere where siblings are expected to sit quietly! With that it has been my passion to ensure Little Siblings are entertained and enjoy the sessions I have with them and I have many tricks in my arsenal to facilitate that. I have had small studios and studios in busy shopping centers but it has always been my dream to have a studio right near my home. Being able to step outside for a few shots then back in studio has been a dream. Being able to have an outdoor area for brothers and sisters to play while newborn baby is inside snoozing away during his or her session has always been a dream. Being able to clock in and out of Barefoot Mama and Mama to my four sons has always been a dream. And now, 13 years into owning my company my dreams have become a reality. I have built an incredible studio and an amazing company and I am doing what I love, what has been my dream career since I was 12 when I laid hands on my very first camera. 

           So thank you to all my past, present and future clients for allowing me the privilege of capturing these moments for you. By booking me you are supporting my little family and my inner child's dream to cuddle babies and photograph these ever so fleeting moments. 

          For more of my story I invite you to friend/like my personal facebook and instagram page. My boys and husband are my everything and I will most likely talk about them like I have known you for years whether or not it is my first time to meet you. So please feel free to peak in on us and our daily woes in the cyber universe. The boys shenanigans will keep you as entertained as they keep me! 


Abbie Henderson

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